Favorites of 2021

There’s not much I can say for myself and 2021 except that I seem to have made it through the year. So, here’s some stuff I watched, listened to and read. Favorite shows 2021: Ted Lasso (AppleTV) Dickinson (AppleTV) Wonder Egg Priority (Funimation) WandaVision (Disney+) AP Bio (Peacock) We Are Lady Parts (Peacock) The GreatContinue reading “Favorites of 2021”


“What did you do to Osco?” Hansen is lazing in the lounge, his feet across the couch, shoes kicked off, revealing the holes in his socks. He yawns, and opens his eyes. “Just gave him a bit of the serum I’m working on.” “What the fuck is the matter with you? He’s not yours toContinue reading “Osco”

Teen Superhero

Teen Superhero sleeps through history class. She’s not interested in the past. She’s a creature of the present. She likes math, and physics. Calculating angles and velocity are crucial and necessary in her line of work. English isn’t as necessary, but she likes it. She likes stories of revenge or redemption. She likes lovers fromContinue reading “Teen Superhero”


Dear Neutron, Growing up, I was a big fan of you as Megaboy. I remember adults would ask me who I wanted to be when I grew up, and I’d confidently say, “Why wait until I grow up, I want to be Megaboy right now!” Mister Mega was cool too but on T.V. he alwaysContinue reading “Neutron”


“Dad, you’ve got to be kidding!” “You need a job, and he needs somebody to work the shop.” “But a dry cleaner?” “You have lofty goals? Maybe you shouldn’t have dropped out of college.” “You said you weren’t mad.” “I’m not mad, you’re the one who is mad. I’m just going to walk away now,Continue reading “Galaxia”


He wakes up screaming. I spit the toothpaste out of my mouth, and return the toothbrush to its mount. I rush back to the bedroom to sooth him. I can tell he doesn’t know where he is. I lay down on the bed next to him, stroke his hair, make cooing sounds like I’m talkingContinue reading “Lazarus”

Tom Thumb

I was 12 when I was in my first hostage situation. We were on a school trip to the Science Museum. I was in the Hall of Electricity, just me and my math teacher, Ms. Tobias. I hadn’t really gotten to see anything when the rest of the class was with me, so she hadContinue reading “Tom Thumb”

The Roller Skater

I’ve been meeting my clients at the Cheesecake Factory. Well, not my real clients. My real clients, the ones who are going to keep this agency afloat in the years to come, I take them to fine dining restaurants. Places where they make things into foam, and give us food in tiny portions. But forContinue reading “The Roller Skater”


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