Day 6: Meditation

Lie down. Preferably some place comfortable. But that’s up to you. Beds are good, but some people prefer the floor. Couches aren’t great. Remember you’ll be there for a while. So, grass may seem good, but then a single blade tickles your ear or a ladybug crawls up your leg. A rarely used street late at night is risky, but satisfying.

Now close your eyes. Listen to my voice. It’s going to sound familiar. The mind shies from the unknown, so you’ll try to match it up with somebody you once knew. Your freshman year math teacher, who you once spotted on a date with the drama teacher. The server at a chain restaurant who waited on you every Thursday night for a month and then seemed to disappear. The voice you imagined that your friend’s dog spoke with. I might be any of them, probably all of them. My voice has been part of your life for longer than your own voice has. Set aside questions of if that is sinister or soothing until later.

Are you comfortable? Are your eyes closed? Have you set aside your questions? Good. I’m proud of you. So many don’t even make it this far. It’s time to go deeper.

Do you remember your first rain? Not the first time you saw it, or even felt it. But the first time you intentionally went outside in it. No raincoat or umbrella. No boots, not even shoes. It had been dry for weeks. Nobody really noticed at first. How many days without rain is normal, anyway? But over time, it was all anybody could talk about. You’d scan the skies for a dark cloud. Still, nobody noticed until the rain was finally upon you. Then, you were all outside.  Some people were dancing and kicking in the newly formed puddles. But you just stood still, feet planted in the mud, soaking it all up. That version of you, is the version we need now.

Do you feel the rain? Are you full of elements? Are you ready? Don’t answer that. You are ready. I know you are. Even if you don’t trust yourself, trust me. You can do this.

Exhale the breath you’ve been holding in. You don’t need it anymore. It’s just been holding you back. Now rise. Float towards the ceiling or the sky. It doesn’t matter, even if there’s an obstruction, you’ll go where you need to go. Just keep rising. Gravity does not hold you. It never did.

At this point, there are two paths, depending on what you’ve done so far. Did you remember to bring your body with you? Did you simply forget it on the bed, in the street, in the park (ignoring my warnings of ladybugs)? It will be tough on the person who finds you, but don’t feel bad, this was always your path. You are star dust now. Goodbye.

For the rest, rising into space, body and all, our journey has just begun. Follow me.

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