Day 7: Melanie Gillman’s 24-Hour Fairy Tales

Melanie Gillman’s 24-hour Fairy Tales: The Fish Wife, Sweet Rock, Hsthete, The King’s Forest

24-hour comic day has been a tradition going back to 2004 (according to a website I just read on the subject), and it’s pretty much what it sounds like. A page an hour for 24 hours. Most participants simply do diary comics of each hour of the day, which means that by early afternoon, their comics become illustrations of them trying to catch up on their 24-hour comic. Luckily, Melanie Gillman cheats.

They pre-pencil the pages, they do fewer than 24 pages, they usually split it over two days. And yeah, they don’t go the diary route, they make queer fairy tales. A woman considering suicide, marries a mermaid instead. A woman is sacrificed to a giant because she is too bitter. A woman calls upon the Goddess of Mishaps to help her end her betrothal. They are bitter-sweet. Gillman colors them with colored pencils, and they are simply beautiful.

I continue to hope that some smart publisher will give them a crap-load of money for a full 10 story collection

This year’s comic, The King’s Forest

Gillman’s site where their webcomic “As the Crow Flies” is posted:

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